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Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinators Criteria for Certification

Pace's Criteria for Certification as a NCPCT

A. Doctoral or Masters Degree in a mental health specialty from a university/college that is regionally accredited; and

B. One of the following three choices (B-1 or B-2 or B-3) is required:

B-1. Currently licensed by a State Board of Examiners to practice a mental health specialty at the independent practice level or;

B-2. Member of a recognized mental health professional association that has published relevant standards of practice for a mental health specialty or;

B-3. Minimum of two years experience working with a family court system; and

C. A minimum of two years experience working at a professional level with at least five sets of high conflict or litigating parents, providing services that have been described by various designations, including, but not limited to: parenting coordinator, family coordinator, mediator, reunification therapist, couples therapist, facilitator, etc. In general, we are seeking professionals who have experience working with men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers who are involved in high conflict relationships with each other.

D. Two names (with contact information) of colleagues (mental health professionals, attorneys, judges, etc.) who we can contact to validate the information that you have submitted on your application.


The PACE Executive Operating Committee has been authorized to use a degree of flexibility in the handling of certain special situations that may arise during the application process without compromising the integrity of PACE'S Current Criteria.