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Nationally Certified Custody Evaluators™
Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinators™
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Since 1991 PACE has been recognized as a national mental health professional organization. PACE certifies qualified mental health professionals to practice the specialties of Custody Evaluator and/or Parenting Coordinator. These individuals are certified to practice at the independent practice level and hold the following credentials:

Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator™ (NCCE)

Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator™ (NCPC)

The health/mental health professionals listed as Nationally Certified Custody Evaluators (NCCE) and Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinators (NCPC) in the Academy Register of Family Court Services are individuals who have met the following general criteria. (There is a link to the “specific criteria” for each credential along the left border links menu.)

They act as independent providers of mental health services in their respective professions.

They have education, training and experience relevant to conducting independent comprehensive custody evaluations and/or acting as a parenting coordinator. They have extensive experience substantiated by judges, attorneys, and other mental health professionals.

In order to be listed in the Academy Register of Family Court Services, individuals must submit verifiable information as to their education, training, and experience as well as a history of adherence to ethical standards.